A Delightful Weekend of Skiing

January 18th, 2012

Weather forecasts for the weekend of 1/14-1/15 looked doubtful — but several inches of snow on Friday gave enough coverage for fine skiing ! A dozen of us (mostly from the Philadelphia area) made the long drive and were rewarded with fresh powder, dazzling clear skies, and a very welcoming warming hut (with temperatures hovering near zero).

Trails were not groomed, but things went smoothly after the first couple of skiers broke trail. We stayed on the Jackson Hill system (more elevation and, presumably, deeper snow), where we encountered a couple of downed trees. A reminder of how much work the BREIA staff puts in to keep the trails in good condition. The Search & Rescue people had opened their ski rental office (very handy for us out-of-towners) — people were helpful and welcoming as usual.

Thank you for running such a wonderful facility and making it freely available.


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