Alder Creek

February 8th, 2010
A group of us went to Alder Creek this past weekend. We were so disappointed that the wood stove had been removed from the warming hut.
It was very cold in the hut with the little heat coming out of the electric registers.
Another larger group came in behind us from Delaware. They were all commenting about the absence of the wood stove.
It was part of the whole ambience of skiing there – having the warmth of the hut waiting…
Why was it removed?

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  1. At BREIA our mission is to provide a superior cross-country ski experience. Part of that mission involves safety. In regards to safety we cannot afford to make any compromises.

    The removal of the wood stove in the warming hut at Alder Creek involved a two part safety issue. First, the use of the Alder Creek Gorge trail system during the week by Potato Hill Farm Outdoor Education Center for school groups precluded any use of a wood stove which might involve exposure of children to a hot stove. Second, because of the misuse of the stove in the past, particularly the burning of the stove updraft which resulted in the warping of the baffles, it was decided that for the preservation of the warming hut we had to remove the stove.

    We installed electric baseboard heat which is programmed to come on from 9-5 during the weekends and during holidays. It is set at 60 deg F. Though it isn’t as warm or as atmospheric as a wood stove, we hope it adequately warms the skiers who use the Alder Creek Gorge system.


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