Another great day in spite of the dogs!

March 23rd, 2013
To all the volunteers who make the trails so wonderful, and to those who contribute so much in the way of funding, thank you.  I have been driving about an hour and forty minutes ONE WAY to ski at Jackson Hill for 3 years, now.  I love the open meadows, the woodlots, and the gentle hills.   What I don’ t enjoy is the one or two people who for some reason still believe they can bring their dogs to run the trails.  BREIA has asked, and posted, NO dogs….it does not matter that you, as the dog owner, thinks your dog is special because it doesn’t bite, or it loves the snow, or if your dog has been skiing with you for years…the rule is NO DOGS !!!   Please, I know you don’t have to bring your dog to work, or to the movies, or to the diner…please do not bring them to BREIA.  Many people donate time and finances so that others can enjoy the trails…have enough respect for those to follow a couple simple rules.  Once again, thank you to all who do so much for the ski community at large. The conditions today, (Friday) were spectacular !!
John Gosier
Chaumont, NY

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