Best ski area today?

January 7th, 2014

1/7/14 at 9:26am rgt1949 wrote:
Good morning,

Due to the cold and wind, which of your trails would be best to ski today (most protected)?

Are you planning on grooming any trails today?

Are your warming huts already warm or will we need to start the fire when we get there?

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  1. BREIA Response:

    Hello . Your best bet for protection today (if you really are set on going skiing) are the Egypt Rd trails. Those have the most coverage. The trails have not been groomed since the weekend and there are no plans to groom today due to the frigid temperatures. The warming huts are open but fires have not been started today. It is not recommended to go out for extended periods of time today (wind chill is presently at -24 degrees and we are under a Wind Chill Warning, so if you do go out on the trails, please be sure to layer up and cover all skin. Frostbite can set in within 10 minutes in these temperatures.

    Good luck and enjoy the trails.


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