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March 22nd, 2013
A note to send a sincere THANK YOU to all involved for the opportunity to ski on the BREIA X/C Trail System.  This was our first year skiing at BREIA (adding to our normal X/C skiing destinations north and south of Syracuse) and what an excellent skiing experience it has been.  We have skied most of your trail system in all weather and trail conditions this year and what a pleasure.  There is such diversity and uniqueness between all three areas from the open field experience with views, wooded areas, challenging downhills, and varied terrain.  Yesterday, it was a delightful mid to late morning ski on the “rolled” trails at Jackson Hill in surprisingly excellent conditions.  We also skied at Jackson Hill on Monday with excellent conditions and had the pleasure of seeing a pure white with black tail “ermine” scampering around in the woods next to the connecting trail between the “Into the Woods” and “Skyfield” trails. 

One question that I do have relates to mileages of your trail system.  I could find no references to the mileages of each of your trails either on your site and maps, other sites that reference BREIA, or at your different areas.   I was just wondering if any information was available.

Thanks again for a wonderful skiing experience and we are hoping to ski Egypt Hill this coming Monday. 

Tony & Liz

BREIA Response: 

 Thanks for your comments.

With regard to trails’ distance, BREIA has never broken those distances out by trail segments for public consumption.  There is no particular reason why.  Since there have been several inquiries this winter about the distances, we would like to get some new signs made for next winter that list some trail distances.

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