Canal Trail Skiing up to Pixley Falls

January 5th, 2012
Hey Guys –
Went down (well technically up) the canal trail today from the Trails End to Pixley Falls. The snow depth was just at the limit to be passable – and in some areas it felt like I was skiing more on twigs then snow. It was also a bit icy under all the snow and in some areas mother nature sort of reaches out and grabs your skis! If anyone goes out there you can probably tell from the weird looking snow angel where “mother nature” was able to get a good hold – it wasn’t bad, only a little blood 🙂
Feel free to call my crazy but I just couldn’t wait any more to get out!

Ryan… you are the first skier to report on your experience this season. Glad you tried it; sorry it wasn’t better. THINK SNOW!!

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