Classic ski trails vs Touring trails

March 19th, 2013
On 3/19/2013 9:25 AM, Paul wrote:

In addition to classic trails, are there any good ski touring areas within BREIA or nearby?

BREIA response:

We generally groom all of our trails. At this time of year we do not groom more than once, maybe twice weekly because of the cost and fewer skiers out.  We are not grooming today, despite the new snow, because more, lake effect, is expected to arrive tonight. 

At  this time (noon Tuesday), we expect to roll the trails Wednesday, but that’s not a promise.  Don’t know where you are coming from.  Other nearby cost-free places you might consider for touring trails would be Lake Julia in Remsen and the Trenton Greenbelt in the Town of Trenton.
Hope this is helpful!

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