Conditions this weekend?

January 8th, 2013
On 1/8/2013 4:47 PM, Martha and Don wrote:

A group of 15 or so friends plan to be in Boonville this weekend (1/11-1/13) to use the beautiful BREIA trails — thank you all so  much for making these trails available.  We’ve been watching the weather forecast with some apprehension.  I know you probably won’t make the decision until much closer to the weekend, but what’s your best estimate of the chance that the trails will be closed this weekend?


It’s early to know for sure as of now (Tuesday afternoon), especially with some rain twice in the forecast between now and then,  but my best guess at this point is that we should still have good conditions this coming weekend.  please check our trails condition report on Friday.
Even if the snow does melt some on the lower elevation trails (The Canal Trail and Egypt Road trails), There is considerably more snow now at the Jackson Hill trails, so consider them is we do experience some meltage.  However, there is lots of snow at present and conditions are great this week.
Overall, it is very unlikely any of the trails will be closed this weekend

Steve (for BREIA)

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