Dogs at Pixley(Canal Trail) and Jackson Hill

February 23rd, 2013

It is sad to note that dog owners do not feel responsible for picking up after their animals.  On 2/22/13 skiers were greeted with 2 different dog deposits.  This was not as bad as what greeted skiers approx 3 locks from the RT 46 crossing.  It was a plastic bag containing what looked like animal parts.  How can anyone be so thoughtless!  Contacted someone @ Breia.  Hopefully it has been removed.  Warned a person with unleashed dog and they leashed their animal to keep it away from the bag.
There has also been 2 occasions (on weekends) that unleashed dogs wee on the Jackson Hill trail.
How can people abuse such a great asset!
The groomers have done a great job this year.  m c martin

BREIA Response:

Dogs are absolutely banned from all BREIA trails during the winter months (for the reasons you state above) with the exception of the Canal Trail. While we try to discourage bringing doggs on the Canal Trail, it is on State-owned land (NYS Canals Division), and we do not have the ability to prohibit dogs from State land.  It is fun for dogs and their owners to be on trails together, but doing so lowers the experience for all others, and we wish all trail users owning dogs would consider and respect that.

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