January 5th, 2010

I think it is great that dogs are allowed on some ski trails. I have 2 snow dogs (Siberian Husky & Samoyed), and they love the snow and skijoring. We use the other trails mostly in the winter, because The Canal trail is just too boring to do often. Where we go, the trails are groomed by volunteers, and with the packed trail, the dogs don’t affect it in any way. I think it is unfortunate that there are some closed minded people out there that just don’t like dogs, period. I can understand the aggravation caused by people that don’t ‘clean up’ after their dogs, and therefore ruin it for the rest of us. I get upset with that too. As for degrading the trail, that is rather on over statement. I have yet to have my ski swallowed up by a dog’s footprint. There are more and more real x-c ski areas that are opening certain trails to dogs, because of the growing need. It is very unfortunate that Salmon Hill ski area in Redfield had to close. They were very dog friendly. We love the breia trails in the summer for bikejoring. There really are some awesome trails there.

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