Friday – Dec. 28

December 30th, 2012

Our second visit to Breia…thank you for this little gem.  The conditions were especially great on 12/28!!  While I enjoyed the trail system, I did get a little ‘turned” around and while trying to find my way back to the warming hut (Egypt rd), instead I kept finding my way back to the only map on the trail.  Might I suggest that at some of the intersections you post a very simple  system directing the skier to trails or to warming hut?  Maybe some arrows pointing the way out, or toward other trails.  Also, The only map  on the trails does not say “you are here” so if unfamiliar with the system, it was rather confusing.  I know all of you know the trails like the back of your hand but  newbies might be a little confused!  Obviously, I found my way out!!  Enjoyed the day, overall.  BTW, 3 other couples skiing (on 3 separate encounters)  also asked us “which way to the warming hut?” so I think everyone is a little lost! 


 Response from BREIA:  
Thank you for your comments and concerns. For those of us familiar with the trails, sometimes we don’t “see” some of these missing directional signs. We will do an inventory Sunday (today) and try to get some better markings soon for the “way out”.  Thanks again for letting us know of your confusion. That’s not a good thing!

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