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Interlopers From Indiana

March 15th, 2010

My wife and I needed one last cross country ski fix for the year, so we looked at a snow depth map and hit the internet for the least expensive fairs. Syracuse was the winning location and we were so pleased to save some money on access fees by skiing the BRIEA Trails. We also met some really nice and helpful locals out on the trails that helped us with dinning and hotel accommodations. The Savoy on Rome was delicious!

For a day and a half we attempted to ski as many of the beautifully groomed trails that our bodies could realistically endure. We are so impressed by the quality of the grooming and the beautiful woods they traversed through. This system of trails is truly a gem that you should be very proud of and we just wanted to thank those who made this possible. It must not have been easy to build or even maintain it but it is very impressive and deeply appreciated by the interlopers from Indianoplace, IN. Thanks!

Shawn Tresselt
Intact Teams
3808 Brigade Circle
Carmel, IN 46032
Office: 317-733-9713
Cell: 847-409-7010

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  1. Shawn, We’re glad that you enjoyed your stay at BREIA and we appreciate your kind thoughts. Hope to see you on the trails again!


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