Re: dog friendly

January 11th, 2011


No we don’t allow dogs on any other trails of the BREIA system. The reason they’re allowed on the Canal Trail is because by state law BREIA cannot restrict activities on state land. The Canal Tr. is state property and is a state right-of-way. To be honest we’d prefer if folks didn’t ski, or snowshoe with their dogs on the Canal Tr. for the simple reason that dogs seriously degrade the grooming that BREIA provides at a not small expense. Years of experience have proven that it doesn’t take long for dog traffic on a groomed trail to destroy the grooming. Also, if you look on the BREIA website and on signs at all the trailheads you’ll notice the message: No Dogs In Winter (Except Canal Trail). This policy is in effect so that BREIA can provide a superior cross-country skiing experience for the thousands of skiers that use our system annually.

In regard to your second point, we try to insure that the Trail’s End parking lot is plowed out in a timely fashion. As mentioned in an earlier post, the Pixley Falls Park lot is not being plowed by the state.

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