RE: Dogs and a “superior” cross country skiing experience

January 16th, 2011

I can understand Jim's sentiments in his well-argued letter. I like
skiing on my own fields with my dog. But at BREIA? I don't think
so. One problem is that not all dogs are as well-behaved as I'm sure
Jim's is. I have nearly been tripped up by a dog on more than one
occasion, and I have seen children and others intimidated by large
dogs running far in front of their owners.

And even well-behaved dogs can create problems. I know I'm not the
only person who, before the present rules, returned home with dog
feces on his skis. Finally, when conditions get soft, especially as
the spring comes on, dogs really can wreak havoc on a groomed trail.

Perhaps there is an argument for adding the Domser Road spur to the
dog-permitted Canal Trail. But I don't believe that this is BREIA-
owned land and it might be that the owners would object. They might
wish to have the trail on their land operated under the same rules as
the rest of the non-State-owned system.

Most serious cross country ski areas, drawing on their own experience,
don't permit dogs. It's best for BREIA, too. Don't despair, dog
owners. The Canal Trail is ready and waiting.


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