Rules for Dogs on Your Trails

February 25th, 2013


On 2/25/2013 7:14 AM, John  wrote:

Good Morning,
     First of all, Thank You!!  You guys do an awesome job of making these trails the absolute best in all of Central New York.  I have a question though.  I’ve encountered people skiing with their dogs the past couple times I’ve been out and am wondering what the latest rules are for dogs.  A few weeks ago I encountered a very large dog with it’s owner on the Jackson Hill trails (going from the warming hut toward the Sunfield). It was fairly well behaved, but as I said, it was a large dog and did some serious trampling of your beautifully groomed trails.  I politely said something to the lady, and she said that one can have dogs ONLY on the Jackson Hill trails.  Then yesterday, I encountered another very large dog (with owners) on the Canal Trail at the trailhead below Pixley Falls, with the same result to your nicely groomed trails. The lady there said, oh no, the website says you can have dogs on the Canal Trail only.  Therein lies my question. 
     I know your website says you can have dogs on the Canal Trail only, but the sign at the Trail-head of the Canal Trail (again, below Pixley) says the NEW rules are no dogs on any trails.  I’m just curious which is correct. Don’t get me wrong, I like dogs, just not when I’m skiing on some of the most pristine trails in the State.   
     Most people get their information about whether or not to bring their dog from your website, so the latest rules, whatever they may be, should probably be up there at the very least.   Thanks for any information you can give me, and once again, thanks for the wonderful work you do. 
Sherrill, NY


BREIA Response:

Hi John…
Thanks for again addressing the “dogs” issue.  As mentioned in a blog posting last week (below), dogs are prohibited from all BREIA  trails in winter, with the exception of the Canal Trail, where they are discouraged. The difference is that the Canal Trail is on State land, where we do not have the right to enforce a prohibition.  All other BREIA trails are on private land, and we do prohibit dogs there during the winter months.

You are correct… this clarification needs to be clearly stated on our website, but it takes a little time to get our webmaster to update permanent items here.  We are requesting that the dog rules be added here prominently.

Thanks for your concern. It is one of ours also.

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