Ski tour on 11/22

November 29th, 2008

After learning from BREIA’s web site that the trails had received 12″ of snow on 11/17, I decided to drive to Boonville on 11/22 to give the Canal Trail a try since temps did not reach 30 and there was also no rain during the week following that snowstorm. I’m glad I went.

I skied the length of the trail (trailhead to trail end) and back (15.6 miles in all). Saw 6 other skiers and 2 snowshoers along the route.

I saw/heard mallards, turkeys, crows, a muskrat, a belted kingfisher, a dark-eyed junco, bluejays, black-capped chickadees plus many deer tracks and a set of coyote tracks and a set of fox tracks.

It was a beautiful mostly sunny day with temps in upper teens/low 20s during my visit – perfect conditions. The trail is bordered for most of its length by forest, so it is shielded from wind. The photo above is a view of the gorge.

The snow storm that dropped this foot of snow was very localized. Snow depths varied along the Canal Trail with a lesser amount near the trail end than in the upper portion – likely associated with the elevation difference. Less than 10 miles away, the ground was bare!

Looking forward to my next visit…

Dave Behm
Clifton Park, NY

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