January 11th, 2010

Do you recommend a particular all-purpose ski wax? If so, where can it/they be purchased. We skied Black River Canal Trail New Year’s Day and 1 of us got bogged by sticky snow. Thanks

Gail Person

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  1. Gail, Excuse the pun, but waxing can be a “sticky” subject. Seriously though, first it depends whether you’re talking about waxable or waxless skis. If you’re using waxless you should only wax the tips and tails with glide wax appropriate for the temperature and snow conditions. Typically the waxes for warmer temps are in the purple/red range and waxes for colder temps are in the blue/green range.

    For waxable skis you need glide wax for tips and tails, but also a kick wax for the area of the ski below your boot, or “kick” area. The color guidelines stated above for waxless also apply for waxable skis.

    A good source of cross-country ski equipment, including waxes locally is Dick Sonne’s on Commercial Dr. in New Hartford. We hoped this helped.


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