December 29th, 2020

Click on the + at the top of the page, enter a Title and then your text. Post.

4 Responses to “Test”

  1. NANCY SCHENCK says:

    Great idea!

  2. Kathy Corey says:

    I see no + to click at the top…is it Android phone friendly?

  3. admin says:

    There should be “+ New” button at the very top of the page in a black banner.

    If you have registered, and don’t see this option, please follow up your registration with an email to telling us a little bit about yourself so that we know you are a “real” person. Simply “I like to ski” is sufficient.

  4. stevek says:

    Jan 27. Perfect conditions and just groomed. Today’s the day to into the Gully at Alder Creek – soft and easy to control.

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