The canal trail was great – until

January 27th, 2009

Thanks to the previous poster for expressing his concerns about dogs on the BREIA trail system. First, it’s hard to disagree with the fact that dogs degrade the trails that BREIA spends a great deal of money to groom. Given the availability of open fields, woods, parks, snowmobile trails, etc., why do some skiers elect to bring their dogs on BREIA trails, knowing, that by having their dogs accompany them, they are wrecking the very trails that they’re skiing on?

For clarification, because the Canal Trail is part of a New York State right-of-way, BREIA cannot restrict usage on that trail. Hence the BREIA signs at the access points of all our trails do indicate that dogs are not allowed in Winter on either the Egypt Road or Jackson Hill trail systems, but that they are allowed on the Canal Trail. That doesn’t mean that we encourage people to bring their dogs on the Canal Trail. We would prefer that they didn’t for the reasons stated above; it doesn’t take much dog traffic to severely degrade the groomed tracks on the trail. When that happens, all the skiers that use our trail system suffer because of the actions of just a few.


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