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December 29th, 2020

I wonder if we users of the BREIA trails would use the blog to report conditions. Many have a drive to the trails and would benefit from advance daily updates on conditions from other skiers.

For example, my family skied the Canal trail at midday. There was about 4” of new snow on top of a patchy base. It’s skiable and in some places very nice but rock skis would be advisable.

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  1. stevek says:


    • Deb says:

      My friends and I would LOVE condition reports. We come from a Philadelphia suburb so knowing the conditions would be really helful!

  2. stevek says:

    1/1. Skied the newly open trails at Potato Hill Farm. Very nicely laid out with rolling hills. Conditions were very good – ungroomed but with well defined skier tracks. About 4 “ of fresh snow. No bare spots at all.

  3. kathy c. says:

    I agree to post any time I ski at BREIA since the conditions can change day to day even at different sites.
    My opinion will just be that…an opinion since we may vary in experience and what we consider good.

    • Kathy Corey says:

      I don’t have the symbol to start a new title…
      so this may work
      01/03/2021 Murry Hill..starting from there.
      skied in tracks had iced overand i could not break crust
      tomakemy own tracks…still icy except Suffield
      . fell 3 times to avoid trees on curves downhill …not good conditions for any recreational purpose..been doing this for 50 years and know how to sit down fast. Finished the loop but took my skis off on the last hill

  4. stevek says:

    1/3. Tried both PHF and Egypt Road on Sunday PM. Ice crust – not really skiable. Wait for grooming or more snow. Would be good for snowshoes.

  5. Kathy Corey says:

    same icy conditions @ Murry hill section

  6. kathy c. says:

    We skied JH quite close after the groomer had started…found the new ? Pine Hill loop from Sunfield and was happy to explore that since Murry LooP and the opposite side of the road was yet to be groomed but had skier tracked trails

  7. Kathy Corey says:

    2/18…Egypt rd fast trails upper & lower….still fun.

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