What a year on the Canal Trail

March 27th, 2009

Although there may be a few more days left, it does seem that the cross country season is winding to a close. It was still pretty darn good this afternoon (3/25) is getting thin is a few spots between the top of the gorge and Pixley Falls.

It has been simply unbelievable on the canal trail this year thanks to BREIA’s efforts.

I must apologize for not being very rigorous in signing in when I skied so if I could remedy that by letting you know now, you can up your usage rates. I was on the canal trail 72 times (and probably signed in 3 times). My wife was with me for 48 of those times (including the 3 that I signed us in).

So once more, thank you for maintaining all the BREIA trails. It was simply wonderful all ski season.

Lou and Maureen Casamayou
Turin NY

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